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I won’t bury the lead.

Amish leaders are locked in vigorous debate after a member of their community accidentally reinvented the jet engine. Hand-woven and finished off with a short length of ribbon, the three-stage corn doll can produce 45,000 pounds of thrust in a manner not at odds with the Bible.

‘I was creating a cereal-based decoration, using traditional methods that God would approve of’, insisted Joseph Fisher, ‘but it was my turn to scrub the chickens, and I didn’t want to do it. To take up more time I added a couple of extra twists and a low-pressure bypass nozzle, and that’s when it span into life, using principles well beyond my comprehension.’

I don’t quite understand the invention. But I love the controversy. Innovation v. Religion has existed in the world since the world has existed and it’s not going away. You hear about a conflict like this and you start thinking about individuals like Galileo.

You have ears. They hear things. But you do not have ears that reflect your mood to the individuals around you.