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Time for another app round-up, and this week I’ll be featuring apps that help you stay abreast of the latest news and up to date on your tech stories with a Reddit reader. Oh, and the latest update to Drive that will keep you on the path to where you want to go.

The Times

Cost: Free for 30 days in the Marketplace
In a nutshell: News with an English slant


via Symbian Tweet

When it comes to reading the news on your Nokia, there are many options available, I’ll be looking at just two. If a fine English newspaper is what you’re looking for, The Times has an app for your Nokia Lumia. As Fakhre has reported over at Symbian Tweet, you get full access for free for 30 days to see if it is to your taste. If you like your news with an English slant, this is for you.

Highlights – Full access to daily and Sunday versions of The Times
Lowlights – Could be a little…English


Cost: Free in the Marketplace
In a nutshell: Read your Reddit on the go


via Symbian Tweet

If you prefer your news more…crowd-sourced…then how about Baconit? A reader for the popular Reddit site, this has many features, including the ability to pin a sub-Reddit – as once again Fakhre reports. Head over to read what he has to say about it.

Highlights – BaconSync synchronises visits between phone and computer
Lowlights – Just too much to read!

Nokia Drive

Cost: Free in the Nokia Collection on your Lumia
In a nutshell: No more arguments over the directions


via Engadget

While the other person in the car is reading, it’s probably your task as driver to get where you’re going without getting lost. So fire up Nokia Drive, the only directions you’ll ever need now. This review by Darren Murph at Engadget came out just too late to miss last week’s edition of the Nokia App News, but it’s well worth a read for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. He was so impressed by Nokia Drive that his review oozes superlatives. He even liked the ‘suave’ male (U.S) voice as an option, and reckons that he was ‘without question one of the less robotic navigational voices I’ve ever used’. There’s more (so much more) to read about Darren’s time using Nokia Drive that it really is one of those posts you have to read for yourself. There’s even a video!

Highlights – As Darren said ‘I was downright shocked at just how fast everything operated’.
Lowlights – Really, there are none.

Have you written a review of an app that you think should be featured here next week? Or seen an app, but need to know more about it? Let us do the hard work for you and review it! Let us know in the comments.