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Bed bugs are tearing apart the emotional fabric of city residents across the landscape of the United States. Now a man called Chris Goggin has invented a electric nose to allow dogs easier detection of the annoying insect.

If bed bugs aren’t your thing (and whose thing ARE THEY?) perhaps Iron Man is. Max Stark has created The Stark Hand:

Prosthetic hands typically come in three varieties: purely cosmetic models; hooks and other low-cost mechanical appendages that provide a limited range of motion; and electronic versions that better mimic natural hand movements yet can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Mark Stark’s prosthetic incorporates the best elements of each. Although its minimalist plastic assembly is nearly as light and inexpensive as a common steel hook, it looks and moves like a high-end electronic hand.

Stark, who makes his living designing valves for dryers and other appliances, got into prosthetics in part to help his friend, Dave Vogt, who was born without a left hand. Stark’s creation is electronics-free, but its fingers each have three knuckles (two on the thumb) that bend separately to conform to anything the wearer grasps, including irregularly shaped objects that a hook can’t hold.

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