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We made the Lumia 900 for media. With lots of built-in storage, superfast connectivity and music choices to boot, Lumia owners are constantly rocking out. With a ton of summer festivals going on, we thought we’d share our picks for the best music apps for your Nokia Lumia phone.


iHeartRadio is a favorite amongst streaming music fans because it brings some of the  best traditional radio stations to your Lumia phone. iHeartRadio is published by ClearChannel communications and can deliver any ClearChannel station to you. Also, the app also gives you the ability to create your own custom Stations based on your musical tastes.

iHeartRadio also has a nice Facebook function that lets you build your own custom station and publish your listening activity into Facebook, so all your friends can see your musical tastes.

The iHeartRadio application is great for anyone who has moved away from a city and their favorite radio station, as the app enables you to listen in from wherever you are. Are you a fan of Z100 in New York?  You can listen in Kansas, Florida or even Oregon.


You’ve been in this situation a million times – you hear a song in the car or in a café and you want to know the title and artist.SoundHound not only can give you title and artist, but can also serve up lyrics in real-time along with the song you identify.

The newest version of the application even geotags your location so you can recall songs you’ve identified before based on where you were when you used SoundHound. Even if you can only hum the song, SoundHound can most likely get the track name based on your imitations. If you want to announce your new favorite song to the world, SoundHound can broadcast it on Facebook or Twitter.


Vevo is well known in the music world because it’s the destination we head to when we want to see music videos from our favorite artists. This app brings more than 45,000 videos from over 11,000 artists, and you can share them out via Twitter, Facebook and email.

What’s your favorite song right now?  Chances are, the music video is on Vevo and it’s waiting for you!

Radio Controlled

Radio Controlled brings Pandora to your Lumia phone. This client gives you full access to your Pandora account including all your stations. Also, Radio Controlled can play in the background if you decide to check your email while listening to your tunes.

As a Pandora user on my computer, I love having Radio Controlled to give me mobile access to my playlists and song lists while I’m on the go.


So, you have amazing tunes on your phone that you want to have your friends experience them too…what to do? Load up Nokia PlayTo and you can stream your music to any home entertainment gear connected via DLNA. With PlayTo, your Lumia becomes a server capable of streaming music (and video) from your phone to your TV.  It’s a very cool app.

Tweet This Song!

This application does one thing and does it really well. I’m sure you can guess by the name, this little app tweets the song you’re currently listening to on your Nokia Lumia. With one simple click,Tweet This Song! will load up and tweet the song you’re currently rocking out to and exit.

What are your favorite music apps for Nokia Lumia? Are there others that you don’t see on our list?  Sound off below!

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Photo credit: James Whatley