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Well, folks, this week I have so much to cram in to MMSM that it’s going to be a bumper edition (or I might just choose my top 3 or 4 and do a load of Quick Grins at the end). That’s the way I roll on a Monday, and why not?


No words needed. Made us all smile.



via geektyrant

Mike Senna is one committed individual. He built an actual working Wall-E. It took him 3200-3800hours (for the mathematically challenged, that’s 133-158 days) to complete, but it was well worth it, as the video (courtesy of the Yo Show) shows. Dedication to a cause like that – both making a robot, and cheering up the sick kids – makes me smile.


For fans of pretty things, here’s what happens when you drop alcohol into oil. Slowed down of course:

via byusplashlab

It’s incredible and it made me smile to see something spherical (the initial drop) turn square. And to think that it’s all ‘driven by hydrodynamic instabilities set up by velocity and density gradients between the liquids’. Well, now you know.


This guy, a college lacrosse player, learned the hard way that sometimes, son, it’s best to wait your turn instead of cutting in line when boarding a plane:

via The Awesomer

Want some ice cream with humble pie? It made me smile that Coach made him do this, and a little bit more that he learned his lesson.

For another harsh lesson, this shows why certain teachers should never, ever be pushed to the limit (thanks Cristian). Of course, had it been a Nokia, they’d still be repairing the floor.


Another video now, a commercial from a hardware store in my adopted homeland. When everyone else is cashing in on the sporting events around you, it’s best to join in and beat them all at their own game. Awesome advert that makes me smile every time it’s on TV (which is *a lot* these past couple of weeks):

via RONAinc on the YouTube

And in researching this post, I even found the ‘making of’ video. What especially made me smile was the fact that the horse section was filmed on the beach where I live (yeah, the rainy one)!


Quick Grins

Need any flatulence filtering underwear? We got you covered.

Something monumental happened on Mars this week, and Oreo’s tribute made my mouth water.

I’d be a fool not to include this Lego sprint.

And finally, thanks to colleague Paul, possibly the best escalator of all time.


That’s what’s been making me smile this week, how about you? Send me a link on Twitter (use#MakeMeSmileMonday if you’d be so kind), or in the comments blow.