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Ever looked at a cardboard box and thought, “hey, I could use you to travel to the shops to get my dinner tonight?” Nope? I thought as much. But I do know a man who probably had a very similar thought to this, and that man is Giora Kariv, the designer and creator of the world’s first cardboard bike!

cardboard bike

via fastcoexist

Now this is innovation at its best, taking recycled materials and making something you could technically travel the world on! Giora is an Israeli bike lover who was working in California not so long ago, whilst he was there he looked into whether anyone had every created a cardboard bike before, only to discover that the closest concept design was made out of bamboo.

When he approached engineers with the idea in the USA they turned him away and said it would be impossible to make. But as you can see from the video below….they couldn’t have been more wrong!


The waterproof bike set Giora back a meagre $6! If you add labour costs you could probably retail the bike at around $60, or $90 with an electric motor (I’ll take the electric motor please).

Have you got any ideas for compelling products made from recycled materials that we could all use everyday? If so let me know below, alternatively let me know what you think about the incredible feat of engineering above, would you buy one?