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Apparently, for some people, pulling electric wiring out of the wall is an issue in the area of wall sockets. For Michael Schutte, that issue was an opportunity.

Schutte’s idea: an outlet cover that would hold the cords in place while he worked.

The outlet cover has two small doors, one to cover each outlet. The doors have hooks on them that users wrap their electrical cords around before connecting them to the socket.

What does it look like? This…


Has someone invented a water kit for automobiles? Are we no longer to rely on gasoline to fuel our cars?

Only time will tell whether Agha Waqar is a conman or a great scientist but he has certainly proved himself to be a great media manager. Television anchors are badgering the government to provide a few millions to Agha so he could set up the water-kit industry on a large scale. Agha seems a man of modest means. The kit fitted in his own car has apparently cost him a few thousand rupees. It should not be difficult for him to produce a few more kits and offer them for sale. Its purported potential should make the kit sell like hot cakes and the profits will soon turn the small workshop into a huge industry. Agha should remember that the moment he produces a satisfied customer, he will no longer need to run after sponsors. Then, sponsors will run after him.


If this is true, and Wagar has invented this contraption, he is soon to be known among the list of genius inventors that includes Guttenberg and Whitney.