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healthy tape

Adhesive tape is a terror for the medical community. Patients consistently have allergic reactions which become a necessary care point for doctors. Now an inventor has sought to solve the problem.

The “Black Adhesive Strip” would protect wounds against infection, and would fit securely around a finger. The invention could prevent sickness and further injury, and would help wounds to heal faster. Easy to apply and designed to reduce pain, the Black Adhesive Strip would be producible in different sizes and designs.

The bandage would be oval-shaped and produced from plastic, rubber and cloth. The back of the bandage would feature an adhesive material for affixing around a finger wound, and the cloth material would absorb blood and keep the medicine in place. Three adhesive strips would be horizontally positioned across the main piece to wrap around the finger to secure the bandage in place. A pocket tip at the top of the bandage allows the finger to slide in easily and comfortably to provide protection for the finger tip and finger pad while healing. To use, the paper is peeled from the adhesive backing and the bandage would be placed over the finger tip so that the pad is positioned over the wound. The user would then fold down the horizontal strip and secure them along the sides of the finger.

Said the inventor:

“My son’s finger got smashed, and the bandage left the tip of his finger open, exposing it to infection,” said the inventor. “I designed the Black Adhesive Strip to fit securely around a finger wound for protection against infection.”

I would imagine when the inventor had the idea a metaphorical light bulb went on in his head. But I would also imagine that light bulb was not levitating. For levitating light bulbs, we turn to Australia: