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Packed with every type of game imaginable, Windows Phone Marketplace offers something for everyone. If you’re a fan of strategy and massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming, then Age of Sorcery will be right up your street.

At the start of the game you must decide if you want to play on the Holy or the Dark side. Naturally, the Dark side is home to creatures with claws, red eyes and dripping pointy teeth where as the Holy side is more, well, holy looking. Think six-pack, clean capes and shiny silver armour. Then you pick your character; there’s no difference between the characters, none have an advantage over another, it’s just an aesthetic thing.

To get you started, you’re given your first city and it’s placed automatically for you in a vast land of beasts, empty deserts and fellow gamers.


With an empty city at your command you need to construct cottages, warehouses and buildings capable of creating units fit for fighting duty. Only then will you be ready to take on the local wildlife.


Each section of the map is allocated an area number, much like a geo-coordinate on a normal map. Some areas are empty, but the ones that are occupied with beasts are ready to be conquered. Make sure you check out the monster’s level and statistics first, because if you tackle a monster that’s too strong for you, your army will be wiped out in an instant and creating a new one will take lots of time and resources.


To collect resources you need to build farms and collect gold. Gold is built up just by having cottages, so make sure you build lots of those. Food and Mithril are collected by building farms and there’s also special gems that gather at your castle can help to speed up the building military units or buildings. You’ll need to harvest these regularly as once they reach 25, the castle will stop producing them.


Some buildings take hours to build and as you progress through the game they’ll take even longer to upgrade. Upgrading gives your warehouses more storage capacity, your cottages more gold production and your army units increased health and armour. It’s worth taking the time to upgrade in order to get one-up on the enemy.


When the time is right you can decide to take your armies to attack other players in the massive battleground, until then, you’re safe to build up your empire in peace.

Age of Sorcery is expanding all the time and the team have recently switched servers to allow for the increasing population. This means there are more people to play against, more enemies to defeat and more empires to bring down.

Download Age of Sorcery on your Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900.