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Firstly in this tech round up, it would be completely remiss of me not to mention that Nokias save lives. No two ways around this – a Nokia (an X2 to be precise) stopped. A. Bullet. So Joel was right a few weeks ago.

Right, on to the rest of the round up…

808 in hand
via theMobileFanatics

A couple of reviews firstly, from themobilefanatics (by Mike Macias) and Hadlee Simons from iAfrica. A quote from Hadlee’s post:

‘biggest feature (literally) is its gargantuan camera, pummelling other smartphone shooters into fine (and it’s pretty fine) dust’

…love it! And from Mike’s review:

‘some of the best camera internals you’ll find on any smartphone today. The photos taken by the 808 PureView have rival most dedicated point-and-shoot digital cameras on the market today.’

Mike backs this up with some photos (from his buddy [and ours] Dhruv) that show the power of the camera in macro mode:

via theMobileFanatics

Mike also has a PureView Photo of the Day section – which so far has featured some sweet pics. Not to be outdone, Hadlee shared some video samples, including this one:

via iAfrica

Then Mike has posted a quick technical guide of how to turn off location data when taking a photo on the Nokia 808 PureView – important stuff for those who wish to maintain a little bit of privacy when sharing pics.

This kind of turned into dueling 808 PureView posts – which was cool. It’s good to see so many of you getting your hands on the phone and producing such great and stunning content. We like this. Have you taken any photos you think can rival those above or like **this amazing bonus image** from Sheridan01? Leave me a link in the comments, or send them to us on Twitter and we’ll try and make a gallery.