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Have you switched to Lumia recently? Well, we want to hear your story! We recently travelled on planes, trains and automobiles to find out what new members of our community had to say about the Lumia family. And we’re not stopping there. Your town could be next…

Switch to Lumia

We’re always seeing recent Nokia owners talking about their newfound love for Lumia, so we’ve decided to escape the confines of Nokia HQ and pay some of you a visit. Here are the initial fruits of these labours: two interviews from Lumia switchers, and an infographic to help you understand in numbers why people are loving life with Lumia right now.

First stop on our trip was Drew from Toronto in Canada, who filled us in with some interesting news about employees of a certain other smartphone manufacturer…He also expressed his love of the Lumia 800 interface (which is pretty gorgeous, even if we say so ourselves):

Bidding Drew a fond farewell, we jumped on the next plane across the Atlantic to (somewhat surprisingly) sunny Scotland. We arrived in the beautiful city of Glasgow and tracked down Chris to chat to him about his experiences with the Lumia 800 after switching from a Motorola Atrix. Here’s what he had to say:

Chris and Drew’s feedback was music to our ears – and they weren’t the only ones. We also asked our Twitter community for their reasons for switching, and we were pretty taken with these responses too. So taken, indeed, that we made them into a pretty infographic:

[click for bigger]

As for the rest of you, are you thinking of switching to Lumia? Or have you already switched? Either way, we want to hear from you.

Pondering a change? Why then, request a trial! Already switched to Lumia? Tell us why! That’s what the comment section is for – and Twitter too, if you’re feeling pithy. We’re looking for more switching stories, and we may be heading to your neck of the woods very soon!