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A ‘first impressions’ post is always a good way to get a handle on what someone thinks of a phone ‘out of the box’, so I thought I’d bring you one looking at the Nokia Asha 311.

Nilabh Jha reckons that the Asha 311 gives the user ‘a smartphone-like experience’ in his review on IBN Live, and goes on to add that ‘the colour combinations available will appeal to most’. He also highlights the new download manager which will suspend a download when the phone leaves a WiFi network, and restart when the phone comes back into range. Neat. Nilabh also compares the Asha 311 to similar phones on the market, and reckons that the 1 GHz processor running this phone would be faster than a smartphone. Anyone tested this theory?

And as an added bonus, how about this unboxing video and first impressions from (long time friend of Nokia Connects) Cj:

In other news, The Times Of India reports that Nimbuzz will soon be preinstalled on the Nokia Asha 311, along with the EA games and the Nokia Music tunes that are already offered.

Have you had your hands on the Nokia Asha 311? Have you seen the ‘Me and My Asha’ series of video stories? Let me know in the comments, or drop me a link to your thoughts Fakhre on Symbian Tweet