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It’s not that often Team Connects get to feature some of the amazing Nokia accessories out there, but today, for your reading (and listening) pleasure, I bring you some auditory awesomeness.


First up the Nokia Play 360 speakers that, according to Rahul Gupta at The Mobile Indian, have some ‘serious kick’. He mentions that the Bluetooth speakers mean


‘wires are definitely out [making the speakers] clutter free’

…which is quite handy if, like me, tangled wires are your nemesis. Aside from the aesthetics and connectivity, Rahul goes on to share thoughts on the sound quality which is the nub of the matter when discussing an audio accessory such as these. Here, he says, the Play 360 speakers ‘do justice to highs and lows/bass while not killing out the mids/vocals’.

So, in no uncertain terms; turn them on and ‘don’t forget to party all night’!

For a more personal listening experience (for taking calls, as opposed to music), Dhruv Bhutani of FoneArena has taken a look at the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset. He focuses initially on the ‘absolutely tiny’ design, but then goes on to discuss the ‘loud and crystal clear’ quality of sound when receiving a call. He describes his troubles with the multifunction key, but ultimately gives the ‘quirky yet attractive’ Luna the thumbs up.

What are you using to listen to music/make calls? Have you reviewed a Nokia accessory recently, maybe a set of Monster headphones? Leave me a link in the comments or on Twitter and I’ll be sure to take a look.

Image credits: Play 360 – The Mobile Indian
Luna – FoneArena