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Last month, I debated the benefits of free apps versus paid apps. Is one better than the other? I decided that paid apps are better as they’re usually better quality and you’re also helping somebody make a living. However, that’s just my opinion. What do you think? We think the best way to find out is to conduct our own reader poll. So cast your votes now!

Now, for apps to be free they usually come loaded with adverts. The hope is that you’ll click on one of these ads and the app developer will earn money from it. This isn’t necessarily a bad business model. It can certainly work well for both users and developers. However, navigating around a screen with popup ads can be annoying.

There is one way to avoid ads in apps, and that’s to opt for the paid ones. Yes, you’ll pay a small price, but you’ll have full access to the app without those flashing ads that sit at the side of the screen.

In our poll, we’re asking you to vote which you prefer. Free apps with ads, or paid apps with no ads? Click away.

Thanks for making your vote; we’ll look back at the results next week.

Image credit: Rodrigo_Amorim