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Regular readers of Nokia Connects will know that Friday means App News, a look at some of the latest news and reviews that have caught our eye over the past week. We bring it to you so you don’t have to go looking.


Cost: Free in the Marketplace
In a nutshell: Think Squares, but with…triangles

Ewan has taken a look at the app that takes a paper and pen-based game and gives it what looks like a cracking twist. As he outlines, it’s not just about making several squares the same size, but there is lots of room for freestyling. Triangles of any size can be made – complete with ‘delightful swooshing’ noises – and while Ewan says not being able to submit your score online is a little bit of a let-down, the game ‘knows how to marry it to a really good user interface on Windows Phone’. This app looked so good, I downloaded it, and can attest to Ewan’s thoughts on the game, with the corollary that you *will* be beaten a lot before you get the hang of it.
Highlights – A ‘brilliant twist’ on an old game
Lowlights – No option for online gameplay

Asphalt 5

Cost: £2.99/$2.99/€2.99/RS160.00 in the Marketplace
In a nutshell: Drive fast to win!

Jay’s most excellent Lumiappaday series continues, and as he approaches a whole year of reviewing a different app every day (this is number 277) this look at Asphalt 5 shows just how tricky it can be to play driving games. Jay mentions that the accelerometer controls in this game were slow to respond (when compared to Need For Speed) thus making for a few ‘Woah!’ moments in his video review:

Highlights – Well designed, great choice of cars.
Lowlights – Accelerometer controls seem a little slow to react.

1 Second Game

Cost: Free in the Marketplace
In a nutshell:
Fastest finger first

In another ‘the review was so good I downloaded it myself’ piece of investigative journalism, I took SniperED007’s word for it when he called 1Second Game ‘awesome’ . As a fan of Formula One, I have often wondered about the reaction speed of the drivers as they start from the grid, and this game gives a very small glimpse of what it might be like. Simply press on the screen until the lights go out and then hit the target. Simple, but so very, very addictive:

Highlights – Be like Lewis, Fernando or Sebastian as you try to beat your own time.
Lowlights – Possibly a little bit too addictive.

Seen any reviews that you think would fit here each week? Made any review videos yourself? Leave me link in the comments, and I’ll try and include it next week.