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Regular readers of Nokia Connects will know that Monday is a time where I take a break from unboxings, reviews and photo galleries and bring you a taste of what’s been making me grin over the past seven days. So, get ready to chuckle or chortle, smirk or smile, grin or grimace.

It was a tough choice for top spot this week, but my love for Lego just edged this story to the head of the class. While the athletes were running, jumping and throwing in London recently, members of the public were engaged in a Herculean task of their own. They managed to create a map of the world using *one million* Lego bricks. In two weeks.

Complete with landmarks and mountain ranges, this is a true mark of human endeavour (over 4,000 people were involved) and whilst they didn’t go faster, higher, stronger, they certainly went bigger. Bigger than ever before, and it made me smile (hat tip to Glenn Letham for that one).


That story that was edged into second place? The mobile phone throwing world record was broken in our homeland last week (or was it?) by a local man, Ere Karjalainen. There’s even a video of his record-breaking endeavours:

Throwing mobile phones *over 100 metres*. That makes me smile.


How about these photos for making you feel like an ant? A clever series of composite photos has given me a very different view of the world. Apparently Michael H. Rohde photographs items from below, and the room’s ceiling/walls from as low as possible and stitches them all together. A very clever concept (quite similar to seeing the world from above), and as Michael Zheng puts it ‘quite trippy’.


Quick Grins

Stunning portrait drawn using ballpoint pens.

Nokia 808 PureView shot of dripping water.

Donkey Kong shelves – I kid you not.

The most awesome lenticular Lego portrait ever.


This is the bit where you suggest things that have made *you* smile this week, send me a link on Twitter (using #MakeMeSmileMonday) or in the comments below.

Image Credits: Lego Map – Pocket-Lint + Gary’s Bloggage

World from below – PetaPixel