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What does Lumia mean to you? What does it do for you on a daily basis? Having seen the videos I’m about to share, I’ll be looking at mine in a whole different light (see what I did there?).

Nokia Lumia 800 filming in Paris

A walk through the Latin quarter of Paris turned into a beautiful collection of video clips for emeric (and, incidentally, an entry into the Nokia Go contest). The angles, timing and composition of the shots seem to be set up with a trained videographer’s eye, and all captured with a Nokia Lumia 800:


Another who’s been busy with a Lumia (this time the Lumia 710) and been conducting a ‘camera test’, is r3no. With a little colour correction to give it a retro feel, this is a great showcase for the powers of the camera. Check the lighting on those flowers:



Have you used light and shadow to create any cinematic masterpieces on your Lumia? Leave a link in the comments or on Twitter. I’m off out to see what flowers I can film…