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Long exposure with the Nokia 808 PureView

Hot on the heels of Boc’s earlier post¬† explaining how the Nokia 808 PureView beats a digital camera, I remembered seeing a couple of articles on how to create amazing long exposure shots.

The game changing Nokia 808 PureView takes mobile photography to a whole new level, and one of those embracing the change is Richard Dorman. He has posted a great guide to taking long exposure photographs with the 808 PureView, including a list of equipment you’ll need (no more than a tripod, a filter and a couple of rubber bands – less, in fact, than a photographer with a DLSR). He then explains how to best set up the camera on the tripod, where to position it, and what conditions show off the style best – flowing water, great light. An awesome guide, and these photos are just a small sample of what he has in his Flickr stream.

Another variant of the long exposure style are these pics snapped by another friend of Connects, James Whatley. Taking off on a plane recently, he sampled the lights of the runway and surrounding area on his Nokia 808 PureView a second or so at a time. This is my favourite:

Long exposure Nokia 808 PureView shot from a plane

Have you got any long exposure shots from your Nokia 808 PureView yet? Anything to rival Richard’s masterpieces or James’ ‘from the plane’ light show? Ping me a link on Twitter or leave me a comment below.