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Nokia Go

Back in June we launched ‘Nokia Connects:Go’, the monthly competition that gives you the chance to WIN a Lumia 900 & Monster Headset by producing creative masterpieces on your Nokia phones. The community entries have flown into us by the bucket-load since the launch of the competition and both Nokia and non-Nokia trialists have sent in photos, feature films, music videos and blogs – to name but a few!

Today we want to champion and highlight some of this great stuff! Let us know what you think of the entries below in the comments section or tweet at us using #NokiaConnectsGo. At the bottom of this post you can find out how to take part yourself.

Massive props go to Guido Baijense for this short video about a guy who has 60 minutes to make his life complete! It was all shot on the Lumia 900 (I recommend you watch it in 720p HD).

Now, this next video shows off Paris in its best light! A true masterpiece from , who has made one of the most relaxing videos I’ve seen in a long time with the Lumia 800. I suggest you leave this playing on loop on your laptop whilst going to sleep at night, you will sleep peacefully!

Au revoir to Paris and bonsoir to Peter Campbell, who has been documenting his musical endeavours as part of the Nokia Connects:Go challenge. Also, Kennytechs has been exploring Phototastic for Windows on his Lumia 710 to ‘shoot anything under the sun!’

Here is a ‘last, but by no means least’ offering to show you all. Below is  an exciting short film by . Pietro filmed Sam Volery taking on an impressive tight rope walk up in the Italian mountains with his Lumia 900, if you are afraid of heights and you have no balance then I would look away now!

Coming up next week we have an exciting music video shot on a PureView 808 to show you all. In the meantime head here for full details about how you can get involved in this competition.

Alternatively, head straight to our trial a Nokia page and sign up!

Once you are on the trial and receive your phone you will have creative freedom to show us some of your amazing passions! We look forward to seeing the next set of masterpieces.

[Image credits: kennytechs, @PeterAndStuff]