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Purity just got even more pure. The Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster was unveiled this week at IFA in Berlin as the latest in our fast-growing line of audio accessories.

As the name suggests, these new headsets offer a wire-free connection to your phone. Music transfer is by Bluetooth and the headsets feature one-touch pairing with your smartphone using NFC. Standard Bluetooth pairing is also available.

These are Nokia accessories, so vivid colours are, of course, part of the mix. The Purity Pro headsets are available in red, yellow, white and black.

The crisp, clear sound quality delivered by the Purity Pro is enhanced by Monster’s active noise cancellation technology. This includes feed forward and feedback technology for ambient and percussive noise cancellation.

The noise cancellation and Bluetooth activates automatically when the headset is unfolded, and switches off again when you fold them up after use.

Monster, the company behind the sound of ‘Beats by Dr Dre’, first collaborated with Nokia on the original range of Purity headsets introduced last October. The perfect partner for Nokia Lumia smartphones and Nokia Music, they recently received Plus X awards for quality and design.

Monster CEO Noel Lee said: “With our Purity Pro, users can now enjoy unprecedented audio performance and advanced capabilities, with all the added benefits of a pure and seamless wireless connection.”

The Purity Pro headsets will be available from Quarter Four 2012 and will cost approximately €299.