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I like Mondays. Yes, I know that’s controversial, but it means I get a chance to share some gems like these from around the interwebs. Grab a hot drink, sit back and enjoy.

Water Wig

How cool is that pic? Tim Tadder took a bunch of bald dudes, some buckets of water and clever lighting and created some amazing photographs. Water wigs…who would have thought it? Made me smile, that’s for sure. Tempted to shave my head and try this, but I just know I’ll end up looking like a soggy dog. Fancy trying it for me?


Virtual Cooking

Can you cook? Do you want to learn? Who needs cooking lessons with actual messy food and actual oil, why not just use a virtual spatula and virtual steak and shrimp? This makes me smile, because – really – what’s the actual point? Surely when you’re cooking a steak you know when it’s done without a virtual guide telling you. It’s undoubtedly very clever, but for me (and this is only my opinion, of course), this wins the prize for a pointless use of technology. Unless they can tell me how to flip a pancake properly.

Batman scratch art

Regular readers will know I have a penchant for superheroes, and Batman in particular, so imagine how much it made me smile when I saw this collection of scratch art featuring the Caped Crusader and villains. Scratch art is, as you all know, is the removal of a layer of material with a sharp tool to reveal a contrasting colour underneath. And when those colours reveal comic book characters, it lights up my life.


A quick bonus video for you now, as this playing card realism drawing deserves more than a place in the quick grin section:



Quick Grins

Flight of the Conchords crowdsource in the best possible way for the best possible reason.

Before you eat your next small 2 calorie mint from a plastic box, watch this video.

Token Lego story – Rivendell recreated by a teen with a huge collection!


What’s made you smile this week? Anything I missed that should have been included here? Let me know by leaving a link in the comments, or by using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag on Twitter.

[Image credits: Tim Tadder, DigInfo TV,Geek Tyrant ]