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Nokia Asha

Nokia’s Asha mobile phones have been designed with young, aspirational and urban people in mind. They are intended to get their owners online, connect them with their friends and keep them entertained with apps, games and more.

So, has that vision been realised at the grassroots level? Millions of Nokia Asha mobile phones have been sold around the world but who are the people who have brought them and how are they using the devices?

Finding out more about some of the Asha mobile phone owners, and the stories they have to tell, was the aim of a Nokia project called Asharama.

Camera crews spent three weeks in late May on the road visiting countries such as Thailand, India, Mexico and Egypt to meet the proud owners of Asha phones.

Instead of a formal interview or giving them detailed questionnaires, they were just asked to describe that they liked about the phone and how they felt about it.

The answers were honest, unscripted and revealing, and can now be seen in a series of 12 videos called ‘Me and My Asha.’

Here are the first six videos and we’ll bring you the other six videos in part 2 in the next few days.

Ana Laura, an Industrial design student in Mexico City

Arnav, a New Delhi graduate, loves biking and rapping

Jean in Bangkok enjoys taking photos

Mitzy in Mexico City hopes to be a dentist or a vet

New Delhi’s Kajal, enjoys reading and playing sports

Palm, student in Bangkok, and dreams of being a singer