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A couple of unboxings for you today. ‘Great!’ I hear you say, ‘but what’s so different about that?’ Well, these Nokia 808 PureViews have been unboxed, and photographed/filmed using…another Nokia 808 Pureview. So you get a double whammy, both an unboxing of the phone, plus a couple of tests to show the capabilities of the 41MP camera.

Nokia 808 PureView unboxing

Marc from the PureView Club has made a video using photographs taken on his black Nokia 808 PureView while he unboxed the white version. It’s a little different to your normal unboxing (with a video and narration), but shows every aspect of the phone in and out of the packaging, and a good overview of what comes in the box. The physical design of the phone is well covered, and in my opinion this video does a better job than a standard gallery of shots. But that could just be the quality of the photographs:

Jay has produced a whole different kind of video unboxing, pitching the Nokia N8, the Nokia Lumia 900, the Canon 60D and (once it is out of the box) the Nokia 808 PureView against each other in a fatal fourway of the cameras:

So which camera wins? What do you think of the new styles of unboxings? As ever, you can leave me a comment, or jump on Twitter and have your say.

[Video credits PureView Club, MyNokiaBlog]