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Lumia 820 with charger

Along with the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 phones announced on September 5, there are some amazing accessories that not only add to your Lumia, but help transform your phone into a thumping music center, add easy re-charge options and keep you in the loop with a new Bluetooth headset.

There are seven products being introduced along with the new Lumia handsets, so let’s through each and the value they bring.

Wireless charging, wherever you need it

Let’s face it – charging your phone is a pain. The new Nokia wireless charging suite of products aims to make charging your phone as easy as setting it down, literally.

Starting off the charging batch of products, let’s begin with the Nokia Wireless Charging Shell for the Nokia Lumia 820. These color-coded shells change the feel of your Lumia 820 and will enable your 820 to work with all the charging accessories.

With the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 with Wireless Charging Shell mentioned above, we can look at charging wireless accessories that are sure to delight.

The Fatboy charging pillow lets you simply set your phone on a pillow to charge it. There are no certain spots you need to aim for – just flop the phone down on the pillow and let it juice up.

The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is a more traditional looking charging plate. Like the Fatboy pillow above, you simply drop the phone on the surface to start charging. The Charging Plate was design for maximum efficiency and lights up showing the charging status. The plates come in the new Lumia colors.


Lastly, the Nokia Wireless Charging Stand will let your phone face you while it’s charging wirelessly. With the Charging Stand, your Lumia 920 or 820 can be set in the dock and the new Nokia Accessory app will allow you to launch specific apps when the phone is docked.


Pump out your tunes while your phone tops off

Nokia’s new partnership with audio powerhouse JBL has yielded two products. First, the PlayUp speaker was unveiled last week, bringing NFC pairing and earth-shattering audio in a portable speaker package.


Today, let’s look at the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia. This speaker accomplishes two things – first, using NFC to pair, you can rock out to tunes from Nokia Music with the amazing acoustics from JBL-engineered speakers. Secondly, the PowerUp will wirelessly charge your Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 at the same time you’re playing tunes.

Using the PowerUp couldn’t be easier – simply drop the phone on the top of the device and the power starts flowing and your music is ready to start pumping. You can even use the Nokia Accessory app to automatically launch an app when your phone is placed on the PowerUp. For instance, when you drop your phone, on the PowerUp, you can have it load up Spotify for instant music gratification.

New Nokia Luna comes to market

The Nokia Luna was released last year and the stunning Bluetooth headset has already won over its fans. Now the Luna is updated, bringing NFC, new colors and the ability to  charge wirelessly. The Luna now comes in cyan, red, yellow, white and black.


With your NFC enabled phone, you can easily pair with the new Luna with NFC. Also, any of the above-mentioned wireless charging accessories will charge the Luna to make sure you have talk time when you need it.

Our partners aim to keep you charged up, too

We’re proud to announce partnerships with Virgin Atlantic airlines and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee houses. At the London and JFK Virgin Atlantic lounges and select Coffee Bean and Tee Leaf cafes, you’ll be able to charge up your phone through table-top wireless charging stations.

Why Nokia wireless charging stands out

Nokia, when looking at wireless charging, chose to go with a known industry standard in the Qi interface. This way, those with existing wireless solutions could use them with their compatible Nokia Lumia phone. With this, Nokia has shown that the company is all about partnerships and using compatible solutions.

Also, the Nokia wireless solution focuses on efficiency and speed. The Nokia wall chargers, for example, are very efficient, for a fast re-charge for Lumia owners on the go.

So, which accessory is your favorite?