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Last week we introduced you to six Nokia Asha owners who shared their stories of what they liked, and how they felt, about their phones.

The videos are an attempt to discover the real people who are buying and using the Asha devices, which are designed with young, urban and social users in mind.

Camera crews spent three weeks in late May on the road visiting countries such as Thailand, India, Mexico and Egypt meeting and talking to Nokia Asha owners.

Here are the final videos in the series, as six more people tell us about ‘Me and My Asha.’ 

Pimorn in Bangkok compares her Asha to a best friend


Smriti in New Delhi likes using her Asha to express herself

Mexico City’s Monse enjoys using social networks

Amr in Cairo says his Asha makes him feel energised


Mostafa in Cairo says the Asha is fast, light and looks good

Cairo’s Fayrouz hopes to work in PR when she graduates


Nokia Asha