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It was for some weeks that David regularly astonished us with his Nokia N9 photography. That meant we wanted to know what he could do with a Nokia 808 PureView in his hands.

And here he is to show and tell you! Take it away David!

-Thanks for the opportunity Paul!

#1 Dragonfly: Once I received the PureView, the next day I went out on my bike to the lake at the edge of town, to see if I could find something interesting to shoot. Straight away I saw a dragonfly, which I had to chase for an opportunity to get a good shot of! At that time, I was new to the PureView, therefore I took the photo in full size (34MP) and automatic mode of everything, so afterwards I cut out 5MP size photo.

#2 Still life: Once when I was on my way home I looked out of the train I saw a field of infinite straw bales and electrical wiring. It was a beautiful picture, so I decided that I would one day go back there. After the dragonfly at the lake, I went to the target site this beautiful image.

#3 Darling eye: A few days later I went on a photo tour with my girlfriend in Szeged. We rested at the edge of the fountain front of the museum, when I saw an opportunity in my girlfriend’s eyes. At this time, I already knew the capabilities of the PureView, so this amazing photo was quickly born!

#4 Splash in the Balaton & #5 Lightning and Love: On vacation with some friends at the Balaton lake. Our primary goal was have a wonderful time partying, but we broke up time for shooting too! One of my best photos was of my buddy kicking into the water, which summed up our time there perfectly. Another night we went to Siofok, and at dawn was a big lightning storm, which I also managed to create a stunning photo of while lying on a bench.

#6 & #7 A creative crisis: ‘Creative crisis’, I hate it, especially when I know that time is limited! However, the idea I had was to shoot water filling up a sink. Poor light conditions didn’t help at all, I used the flash, I took down the exposure compensation but to no avail. I took hundreds of pictures and it was very hard to catch the right moment, but it was worth it in the end! All of them are very special photos. This is one of my favorites. A water drop resulting in a crater. The splash was unpredictable so I cut it to 1600×900.


 #8 Firework & #9 Ferenc Móra Museum: St Stephen’s Day 2012, Szeged. Having had experienced long exposed pictures with the PureView, I was ready for this day of fireworks. I took my time choosing the right spot, I wanted to capture the firework reflections in the water.  The results simply stopped my words… Incredibly good photographs, not to mention the fact that I did all of this with a phone! After the fireworks we went for a walk and we stopped in front of the museum. This time I could take sharp pictures with GPS-holder, and managed to get the building beautifully reflected in the water!

#10 ♥ NOKIA: I was saving this idea of ​​the end of the trial period. Since I already knew how to make a two-second (or more) exposure, I asked a few people with some bike lights to write “♥ NOKIA”. The results look fantastic and I can not sufficiently emphasize that all of this was done with a phone … incredible! With these photos I say thank you to Nokia, and that I have been part of a miracle!

That about wraps it up for David’s top 10 808 PureView photos! If you want to see the rest of his photography take a look here!