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MOLOME, a photo editing and sharing app, is the latest to achieve 1 million downloads at the Nokia Store.

MOLOME reaches 1 million downloads at Nokia Store

Available on Nokia Belle and Nokia MeeGo smartphones, it’s no surprise that this app has finally reached this momentous stage. Its easy to use interface and filtering effects make this a must-have app for anybody wanting to spice up a photo and share it with their friends and as well as an engaged community.

We caught up with founder of MOLOME, Sittiphol Phanvilai to find out how he feels about reaching this milestone.

Reaching 1 million downloads must feel good, right?

“I am totally happy right now!”

You may see MOLOME as just another app with filter effects, but there’s more to it than that, explains Sittiphol.

“MOLOME is not just a photo sharing social network appellation, it also has a Gamification and cross-platform offering. The game aspect of MOLOME allows users to collect badges when they upload photos as a reward and also join in a monthly campaign. And cross-platform means that we plan to make it available on every single possible mobile platform.”

Including Windows Phone?

“Yes, MOLOME is coming to Windows Phone.”

We wondered what it must feel like having reached 1 million downloads for an app that’s free. If he received a dollar for every download…

“Nice idea. One million dollars? Wow! As nice of an idea that is, I’ve still got no plans to turn this into a paid app. I don’t think it’s easy to sell apps anymore. I prefer the model of distributing the app for free and gaining some money from another way; in-app purchases, for example.”

“At the moment you might not see any options like this in MOLOME, but you will shortly.”

When creating an app, Sittiphol tells us that it’s important to listen to your users.

“Our users are always giving us advice and we find it invaluable. They let us know of any bugs, new features they’d like to see and sometimes just praise on the app. Using customer feedback is the best way of knowing what parts need improving.”

Having a successful app doesn’t happen by chance. Sittiphol believes there are many reasons why MOLOME has reached 1 million downloads but gives four main reasons.

  • Choose the right platform – We first released MOLOME on the Nokia Store back in early 2011. Nokia has so many incredible camera phones in the portfolio that a photo-sharing app for these just made sense.
  • Great support from Nokia – Nokia Thailand and Nokia Global has helped us a lot on promoting the app in their channels.
  • Listen and learn – We always listen to the feedback we get from the users of MOLOME and we improve it as fast as we can.
  • Social Network power – If you want people to share their images, you have to make it easy for them to do it. That’s what MOLOME allows you to share to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, VK, Picasa, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Having created a successful app in MOLOME, what’s next?

“We do have something in the pipeline. Something related to MOLO, the owl from MOLOME. That’s all I’m saying for now, stay tuned!”

Congratulations to MOLOME on reaching 1 million downloads and we wish them more success in the future.

Have you used MOLOME? Share your thoughts and well wishes in the comments section, below.