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Potter's wheel

The great thing about apps is that they can bring a whole new world into the palm of your hands. Take pottery for example; when do any of us get to try our hand at that age-old craft? Never (for me, anyway). But now you can, with Let’s Create! Pottery – it turns your smartphone’s touchscreen into a potter’s wheel.

If you’ve ever seen a wad of wet clay spinning around on a potter’s wheel, it’s both hypnotic and beautiful. That slab of shapeless clay is then transformed into something beautiful, elegant and faultless, from the hands of a professional. However, as easy as it looks to mould, I’m assured it’s not. You need time, patience and a certain amount of skill.

Let’s Create! Pottery is the closest you’ll ever get to create a ceramic masterpiece.

Your first mission is to just create something. Anything. As the wheel turns automatically you need to manipulate the spinning clay with your fingertips. But be patient, rushing into it will undoubtedly leave you with a wobbly pot. Slowly run your fingers upwards to create a taller pot, stretch the sides outwards to create a fatter one, or inwards to make it thinner.

Adding details

Sending order

When you’ve made your first pot, chalice or plate, it’s time to fire up the kiln. This dries the clay and makes it rock hard as you’ll now need to sell it at auction to earn some cash.

Throughout the game you’ll need to make more cash to buy paints for your pottery. The better the pots look in shape, size and colour, the more money you’ll get when you come to sell it.

Brush effects

  Selling vase

Once you’re past the initial training level, you’ll next be sent on missions from your Aunt Chloe. She’ll send you pictures of pots to copy and using your skill, you’ll create them.

Let’s Create! Pottery is a beautiful looking game; from the spinning clay, to the final cooked, glazed ceramic.

In terms of UI, it’s really easy to control. All you need to do is manipulate the clay with your fingers or thumb and the clay responds in a way I imagine it would in real life. Also, when you move the phone around, you’ll see that you’re able to take a look at the pot from a different angle, as if you were actually slumped over a potter’s wheel.

Let’s Create! Pottery is available for Nokia Belle smartphones and costs £1.50 from the Nokia Store.

Have you created any ceramic pieces of art yet? Let us know, below.

Image credit: encaso