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Nokia 808 PureView camera

It seems the guys at UK Mobile Review have taken the Nokia 808 PureView and have thoroughly put it through its paces. In fact, they have gone to great lengths to provide their readers with as much information, opinion, comparisons and examples as possible. Indeed they have even produced their own Nokia 808 PureView portal!

It would have been remiss of us not to give such dedication the coverage it deserves. Let’s begin with the comparison posts they have written. Dani went to the river armed with her 808 PureView and an iPhone 4S and took a whole bunch of pics to compare the 8MP capabilities. The comment from ‘I’m Pro Samsung’ sums it up quite well

‘WOW, that is one GREAT camera.’

Not satisfied with just comparing the 808 PureView to other phones, Nirave went one step further and took to the streets of London armed with the Nokia and a DSLR. The side-by-side unedited 8MP images need some proper examination so you can make up your own mind:

Nokia 808 PureView vs. DSLR

Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView vs. DSLR

Canon EOS 600D

There are examples of images showing off the macro power of the camera, an examination of how it performs in 5MP mode, and from 59 feet in the air (what better way to test how a zoomed in photo looks like?)

As well as all this, there’s a full review, and this video of the UI:

With so much to cover, it’s best if you set aside a fair few minutes, make yourself your favourite drink, settle in and explore the portal. What do you think of the photos the guys have shared? And the comparisons? Either let them know in the comments sections on their posts, or share your thoughts with us here or on Twitter.