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Last week, we explored apps that help you manage your personal finances.  Today, we’ll explore one more way your Nokia Lumia is the perfect tool for staying in touch with the markets and your accounts.

For millions of E*TRADE customers, they know the power of being able to stay up on the market, access their accounts, monitor their investments and place trades on-the-go. This is why we’re happy to announce that E*TRADE has joined with Nokia Lumia to launch an exciting and extremely useful app – E*TRADE Mobile for Windows Phone.

With E*TRADE Mobile for Windows Phone, you have access to all of your E*TRADE accounts in the palm of your hand. That way, depending on how the market shifts and the moves you want to make, you’re in touch and can handle your assets.

Are you at lunch with a friend and just heard a tip that you want to act on? You can place a trade wherever you are. You can buy and sell at will with E*TRADE Mobile on your Lumia.

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Also, if you want to stay in the know, you can react fast with access to free real-time quotes, breaking news and charts on demand. This way, you can make smart, informed investing decisions.

The app also gives you 24/7 access to your account balances, portfolio and buying power. If you want easy access to the E*TRADE Mobile application, be sure to pin it to your start screen.

Worried about security? You can sign in with the same password you use on the web but since the password is not kept on your phone, even if you should lose Lumia, your information is kept safe and secure.

Be sure to check out E*TRADE Mobile in the Windows Phone Store today.

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