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YouTube apps on Nokia Belle

When it comes to watching videos away from the computer or TV, there’s only one place you’ll turn to – your smartphone. And what videos are you more than likely to watch? Videos from YouTube. We’ve gathered up a small handful of YouTube apps available from Nokia Store that’ll work perfectly on your Nokia Belle smartphone.

YouTube Free

YouTube app

When it comes to any app like this, it’s always good to start with the official app as there are plenty out there. The YouTube app allows you to sign in to your account and keep an eye on any videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube – however, you can’t upload any videos from this app.

Searching is as you’d expect; hit the empty search box at the top and type in what you’re looking for. Alternatively, use the browse videos, favourites, subscriptions or playlist button to watch content.

If just searching for videos and watching them is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with this YouTube app.

cuteTube £3.00


Now only does this app deliver YouTube videos to your Nokia Belle smartphone, it also connects you to Dailymotion – another video sharing service.

With support for videos up to 1080p, you’ll always be able to watch the best possible video while you’re out-and-about, and download it too in full 1080p – if available – for watching later.

Sharing videos is also a possibility by sending the URL to your email contacts or Facebook and Twitter friends and followers.

FastTube Free


With a simple search interface, this app gets the job done. Type in what you want to watch, select the video and watch. Alternatively, sign in to your YouTube account to scroll through your subscription list and look through your own videos.

There is the added bonus of being able to give the video a thumbs up or down as you would find if you were watching it on the desktop browser. Plus, browsing videos via the YouTube Trends, Featured, Top Rated and Most Viewed options bring new ways of watching content and then download it if you want to.

YouTube Downloader £1.50

YouTube Downloader

As the name of the app suggests, this one is all about the download. Sure you can watch videos, like all other YouTube apps, but when you’ve found one you want to watch later hit the download button.

With a variety of download options, such as: Where to store the video; which access point to use; and what quality to download, you’re in complete control of what you want to watch in the way that you want.

What YouTube app do you use on your Nokia Belle smartphone, and why? We’d like to know, in the comments below.