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Nokia Connects: Go playlist

We’ve been running the monthly Nokia Connects:Go contest for a few weeks now, and we’ve put together some of the best videos from the entries so far in a playlist for your viewing pleasure.

Running…and running…and running to reach a target. That’s what MisterG00 has been doing, and conveniently the Nokia Lumia 900 was around to record it. The target? Well worth reaching, even if we do say so ourselves:

A skate session, in arty black and white, complete with flicks and tricks, now from ryan dungey. A twist on the Amazing Everyday, Ryan implores us to Skate Everyday:

Finally for now, check out IreneB as she serenades us, to the visuals of Barcelona captured on the Lumia 900:

Think you could make a video like these? Want to try the Nokia Connects:Go challenge? Let us know on Twitter, or by requesting a trial.