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Another Monday, another beginning to another week, another chance to get off to a good start with a look at what’s been making me smile since last Monday.

Bacteria Portraits

So…yeah. You want to show how cool science can be, and how you can control bacteria to make them do what you want. So you use the poor little unsuspecting E. Coli to make portraits of scientists. Science meets art meets science. Nice. Made me smile in a kind of ‘wow, this is pointl totally cool’ way.


Mash-ups are a staple of Make Me Smile Monday, so imagine my glee (absolutely no reference to the high school musical TV show) when I spotted this: Carly Rae Jepsen  (good Canadian girl) with Gangnam Style

‘Op…op-op!’ – this made me smile…just before I decided it didn’t. Fair play to the guy xareoseven who made the mix. Two of the most viral music videos of the last 12 months mixed, mashed and mauled for your aural pleasure. Or not, you decide.


When I’m not writing for Nokia Conversations, I’d like to be able to do this:

I don’t, but I wish I could. Geoff Mackley is a little bit crazy. That is one awesome video that must have taken some guts to film/participate in. It’s going on my bucket list, but I think the closest I’ll get to a volcano is driving past Mt. St. Helens on my way to a soccer game.


If you have *ever* in your life touched a single brick of Lego, watch this:

If you have ever read a MMSM before you’ll know how much this made me smile. If you haven’t, check out the back catalogue.


Quick Grins

Home theatre that looks like a car crashed into your living room

GPS-enabled shoes that get you home however drunk lost you are.

Sound waves that make liquid levitate


Have you seen anything this week that made you smile? That would make me smile? Send me a link in the comments below, or ping me on Twitter using the #MakeMeSmileMonday tag.

[Image credit Gizmodo]