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There have been sightings over the last few days of shiny silver boxes, emblazoned with Nokia Lumia 920 in a familiar font. There have been lots of videos and photos revealing what’s inside – time to take a peek.

Nokia Lumia 920 parts

First up, Marc at the PureView Club has posted an excellent gallery, showing just what’s inside once the lid is lifted. There’s some Carl Zeiss camera parts, a polycarbonate body shell, and some Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Marc didn’t hesitate to whip out his Nokia 808 PureView and snap some pics of the pack which he says makes him

‘want the Lumia 920 even more’

Another recipient of the slim shiny case was Jay, and he put his video skills to the test with an unboxing:

…and even made his own Lumia 920 from the parts provided!

Further thoughts on the pack, and some more great photos come from the guys at WP7 Connect who highlight some of the facts from the cards in the pack. For example, did you know the Carl Zeiss lens has a surface accuracy of 1 nanometre (they explain just how small that is), and that the polycarbonate body is made of the same material as the boards in a hockey rink (anyone watching an NHL game [well, not this season…yet] will know how much punishment they take).

‘If I wasn’t pumped up for the Lumia 920, this definitely got me there’

Nokia Lumia 920 parts

Does seeing these packs get you pumped up for the Lumia 920? What do you think of Jay’s efforts at making his own phone? Could you do better? Let him know in the comments, or tell me on Twitter.