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We’ve got a new review of the Nokia 808 PureView for you today, a comparison with other phones, and a few pics taken with the ‘powerhouse’.

Nokia 808 PureView

The latest in the Nokia 808 PureView series from Fakhre over at Symbian Tweet, the review starts with a bang

‘the best cameraphone currently available in the market’

…and continues in a similar vein as Fakhre covers all aspects in an extremely comprehensive look at the phone. There are unboxing photos, thoughts on the screen, sample photos like this one:

Nokia 808 PureView sample

…a look inside the phone, at the technology behind the imaging, and the user interface. Well worth settling in and giving yourself a few minutes to read this one.

Steve Litchfield has posted another of his awesome comparison charts. This time he’s pitched the Nokia 808 PureView against some other leading contenders – the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy III and the Nokia Lumia 920. I’m not going to spoil who wins the battle, but the areas in which the 808 PureView leads it totally dominates.

Finally, a few new pics from the Nokia 808 Pureview that I have seen this week and I have been impressed with.

Taken from the awesome set from Sheridan01 taken at Myrafalle as part of the Austrian leg of the trip that Druv, Stephen and Richard took recently (this time meeting up with Michael):

Nokia 808 PureView waterfall

From Olivier:

Nokia 808 PureView pic

…and this one from the PureView Club Flickr page:

Nokia 808 PureView pic

Have you had your hands on a Nokia 808 PureView? What do you think of the ‘imaging powerhouse’? Leave a comment with your thoughts, or pop them in a tweet.

[Image credits: Symbian Tweet, Olivier, Marc of the PureView Club]