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Dolby Headphone is music to our ears

Nokia has a long history of creating close partnerships with industry leaders to bring the best mobile phones to the market. One such partner is Dolby, delivering better audio clarity and a more natural listening experience on your Nokia smartphone.

Dolby has made appearances in numerous Nokia handsets; including the Nokia N8, Nokia 700, Nokia 808 PureView, and the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, to name just a few. It’s this inclusion of Dolby in many Nokia products that gives an unrivalled, more pleasurable experience when listening to music or watching movies on your mobile device.

But what exactly is Dolby Headphone and how does it provide a better experience? At the moment, you’ll probably think that the sound you’re listening to with your favourite headphones is fine. And it probably is – just fine. However, with Dolby Headphone technology even the best headphones will become better, enveloping you with a comfortable and natural sound – almost as if you were not using the headphones at all.

Shawn Richards, Sales Director or Dolby Europe explains:

“Dolby has consistently delivered state of the art tech. We know how to make a good sound even better. That’s where Dolby Headphone comes in.”

Nokia Lumia 920 on back

By using state-of-the-art digital processing technology, Dolby Headphone creates an acoustic illusion. Much like when you’re in a cinema, at a concert or listening to music through a home entertainment system, your ears pick up direct sound from each speaker as well as sound bounced from other surfaces and furnishings in the room. Dolby Headphone technology recreates this audio experience, producing the sonic signature you’d expect from a perfect acoustic environment.

Nokia Music with Dolby Headphone is the perfect way to feel like your listening to your favourite band on stage without actually having to stand up for hours in the cramped confines of a venue, all from the comfort of your own personal space.

Dolby Headphone can be found in other high quality consumer devices. However, on mobile phones, it’s exclusive to Nokia.