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Marius Masalar has embraced the #SwitchToLumia challenge wholeheartedly, and has spent the last couple of weeks away from his usual device to cozy up to the Nokia Lumia 900.

Two weeks with the Nokia Lumia 900

In Part I of his report on how he found the experience (I love Part I’s, it always means there’s at least a Part II on the way), he discusses how he decided to see if the Lumia 900 could replace his iPhone completely as his ‘daily driver’. He liked the

‘inherently playful’

nature of the design, and the ‘substantial and durable’ feel.

A couple more highlights before I let you read the whole post, including the ‘breath of fresh air’ that are the People tiles (he liked pinning individual contacts to his home screen) and the Messaging tile that was ‘more thorough’ than he’s used to.

Have you made the #switchtolumia? Or was there no need for you to make the switch as you were on board already? How are you finding your Lumia? Share your thoughts in the comments, or drop us a line on Twitter (we’re always listening).

[Image credit techradar]