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I’m bringing you a special interview today from Alexa, who has been one of the many triallists in our trial a Nokia programme. Enjoy!

Thanks for joining me today Alexa, I hope you are well.

You’re very welcome Paul! I’m good, hope you are well also.

Certainly am! So, for the benefit of those who don’t know, can you tell us how you found the trial a Nokia programme?

I was ranting on Twitter about my BlackBerry because the LCD had lines on it. I was planning to buy a new phone or a new screen and to my surprise, someone from @Nokia_Connects replied and asked if I would like to trial a Nokia Lumia for 2 weeks.

What was your first reaction after being contacted on Twitter?

At first I was sceptical because I hadn’t heard of such programme. But as I read their email, I felt lucky to be given the opportunity. Out of the blue somebody chose me to participate in a phone trial, so I started to get excited!

Had you considered a Nokia Lumia before you heard about the programme?

No, I was not at all familiar with the phone before the trial.

Which phone did you decide to go for and how was the trial experience, did you decide to #SwitchToLumia afterwards?

The Lumia 800 was the one sent to me. At first I was trying not to get too attached to the phone since I only had it for 2 weeks, I didn’t want to end up missing it afterwards. That was before I started to browse the Internet, send & read emails, tweet, visit Facebook, watch videos on YouTube and download different apps and games.

Overall I enjoyed using the phone. Browsing is really fast and I had a chance to compare it with an iPhone4. The Lumia 800 is 4-5 seconds faster when surfing online.

Yes, I decided to #SwitchToLumia! Again I felt really fortunate because I could keep the phone in exchange of my BlackBerry. It’s all worth it! Lumia is way better than BlackBerry.

We noticed that during and after your trial, many of your friends came to us for a trial too. Was this because you wanted to share the experience with them or were they a bit jealous?

I really wanted to share the experience that I had when I trialled the Lumia. The thrill of waiting for the phone and the excitement of opening the box and trying out a new OS was brilliant. I also wanted them to experience first-hand the difference of using a Lumia compared to other smartphones.

Are you now recommending Lumia to people, if so, how many of your friends have you convinced to #SwitchToLumia?

Yes. I’ve been recommending the Lumia to my friends and family and also to my twitter followers & Facebook friends, who are tired of using their smartphones. I learned that four of my friends are already using Nokia Lumia while some are anticipating the Lumia 920.

How did you feel about Nokia before your trial and how do you feel about Nokia now?

Before the trial, I saw Nokia as a company providing cell phones that are plain & simple to use, but I never thought that they also had smartphones like the Lumia Windows Phone. And now, I feel that Nokia is a breath of fresh air when it comes to smartphones. Nokia is back in the market and brings good competition to other cell phone companies.

If somebody reading this is considering the #SwitchtoLumia what would your advice be to them?

Go for it! Don’t think twice about choosing the Lumia because I can assure you that you will love it. The phone looks classy, sleek and it’s built to last. The screen is big and clear, even if you’re outside you will not have a hard time reading your messages. Plus you will have all the apps and games that you need. It runs smoothly with no lag and is very easy to use.

Thanks for your time today, really appreciate it. Enjoy your Lumia 800!

It’s been a real pleasure talking with you Paul! And thank you also for giving me the opportunity. I really enjoy using my new Lumia 800!

That wraps up our interview! Please remember that switching to Lumia has never been easier, if you are considering changing your current phone, tell us all about yourself and you may end up getting a breath of fresh air too.