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Fellow bookworms, I’m an avid reader. We’re talking at least one book a week (sadly nothing highbrow, mostly crime fiction). Those of you living in regions where the most excellent Nokia Reading has been released can feed your habit for the written word on your phones. How does Nokia Reading compare to a library like this though?:

Awesome library while I wait for Nokia Reading

It has a continuous 480 metre browsing path that culminates in a cafĂ©. Now that’s my kind of place!

There’s no question that a library itself is a fantastic community resource and many libraries are architectural wonders. I’ve always been a fan of the Seattle Central Library, with its stunningly designed reflective mesh.

Awesome buildings aside, having access to so many books from just my Lumia is mouth-watering, and this is why I’m asking you, what books you have been tearing through on it recently. Please recommend your favourites and thanks in advance!

Nokia Reading was updated last month too. The update now allows you to import E-books from Skydrive and has a handy news stream, where you can keep up-to-speed with the world. If you have any feedback on the app, I’d be happy to hear about it in the comments section or on Twitter.