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 Some of you at home may have already recognised the face of our social innovator of the week: Robert Greene. If not then I recommend you check out this video I filmed with Robert in his home town of Amsterdam recently (just to help set the scene a little):


Newsflash. Robert isn’t just a member of the #SwitchToLumia club, he is also a social entrepreneur! So I thought it would be great to catch up with him about what he does on a day-to-day basis in the world of social. 

Hey Robert, welcome to Nokia Connects! Can you start by briefly describing to us what you do for a job?

I am a Professional Networker and a Concept Developer. I help others to strategically expand their network and I develop social and business concepts. All the concepts I develop incorporate three pillars: social, unconventional and exciting.

Here are a number of social/business concepts I’ve developed:


D Unknown 


Can you briefly expand on your networking business (meetSue) for us?

meetSue is all about bringing people together. It’s a place where diversity in background, culture, market segment and/or education is used to achieve the highest possible return from networking. meetSue locations in the past have included music concerts, art exhibition and cafes. We make networking easy and efficient for everyone by taking out the ‘work’ out of networking. Our guests feel at ease and are able to interact with any and every one. We achieve this by having meetSue Ambassadors at every meetSue event.

Our meetSue Picture Book gives a clear picture of what one may expect at a meetSue event. 

How does your Lumia 900 help you to stay connected to people in the meetSue networking community?

As a Nokia Lumia 900 user I am able to stay in touch with my entire network using applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and of course Whatsapp. The Nokia City Lens has proven, on several occasions, to be very helpful when conducting last minute searches for suitable places to have business lunches and dinners. This phone is not just a phone, my Nokia is a phone I can depend on…like a good friend!

Other than City Lens what is your favourite application on the Lumia 900? 

At times, when on the go, I need to post news articles on my websites. So, I cannot always wait until I am seated in front of my laptop. This is where the WordPress application usually saves the day and I can update everything on the go, wherever I am!

Finally, can you please recommend a great place to visit on a business trip to Amsterdam and why?

If you’re visiting Amsterdam for business or pleasure, you must visit my favourite spot – Café Restaurant Walem. It is situated on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals, the Keizersgracht and also features in the video above!

Thanks Robert!

Have you thought about switching to the Lumia recently? Let us know on Twitter using #SwitchToLumia. See you all next week.