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Our wonderful community have been getting creative again! It is truly amazing what you guys can do with a Lumia 900 in your hands. If you are reading this right now and thinking to yourself “what is this Nokia Connects: Go you talk of” and “I want to get involved”, then please head here for more information.

Right now though I’m going to give your eyes and ears some fresh beats and nourishing views using our favourite entries from this monthly competition. Be warned, these songs are about to explode through your screen…only joking, but seriously make sure the volume is at a suitable level before you embarrass yourself in the office. We’ve all been there.

Here is Becky Rose with her music video ‘Don’t Settle Me Down’, a video she shot entirely on her Lumia 900. The song is pretty uplifting and I think she has a very bright future. I’ll let you judge for yourselves though, I know the people at 4:19 into this video agree with me!


From a talent individual to some talented individuals. Up next we have an Indie Rock band called the ‘Book Thieves‘ with their track ‘Running Joke’. These lads really embrace the whole jamming in your garage thing, it’s great to see! Another top track and one I think you’ll like regardless of your taste in music (again, please don’t shoot the messenger!). Props go to Dan Marsh for directing this video on his Lumia 900.


Finally, I think you should also check out this really cool and relaxing Nokia Connects: Go entry by Andri Permana. Andri is a music and film blog editor who created a video about travelling around his town in Bandung, Indonesia (looks like an awesome place to go on holiday).

Do you want to get involved in Nokia Connects: Go? Send us a tweet (@Nokia_Connects) or leave a message about what you would love to create on your Nokia phone. If you don’t have one then you can apply for a trial here.

Have fun and continue putting the create in creativity!