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Meet Loki. He’s the inspiration for today, because…well, just look at him. He makes me smile every day.

Looking through my photos over the weekend, it reminded me of just how easy it is to share great moments on my Lumia 900. The fun doesn’t stop with it being easy to share either, it’s no problem to enhance and effect photos with Nokia Creative studio too.

Or sometimes I use apps like Phototastic to make a great framed montage like this:


Very Blue Steel.

Whether I’m driving somewhere or taking a breather in the countryside, I simply love being able to share the moment with zero fuss. Don’t worry, I was the passenger in the photo below.

So, how often do you capture wonderful moments with your Lumia? Got any examples? Let me know in the comments section. If you share your moments on Twitter, use #MyLumiaMoments. We’ll share our favourite moments next week, and fix the photographer of our favourites with a Lumia trial!