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Reinstaller on Nokia Lumia 800

When it’s time to upgrade from your current Lumia to the new Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 820, there’s one simple way to reinstall all your apps or games to the new device. Reinstaller downloads them all for you, saving you the time and energy.

Reinstaller is one of the first apps you’ll want to install when you get your new phone as you’ll want to spend all your time enjoying the actual phone, rather then searching through Windows Phone Store for all your favourite apps and games.

Reinstaller main screen

Connecting Reinstaller to WIndows Live account

When you run Reinstaller, you’ll be welcomed by four tiles: Connect, Install, Review and Share.

Hitting the Connect tile asks you to log into your Windows Live account so that the app can trawl through your download history from Windows Phone Store. We tested it on a Nokia Lumia 800 and it took less than a minute to produce a Final App Count of 116. Installing all of the apps and games would obviously take longer, but its speedy retrieval impressed us.

If you want to install all of those apps or games there and then, pressing install will do just that.

Reinstaller app count

Reinstaller apps and games list

Alternatively, if you want to pick and choose what you want to install, press back and cherry-pick the items by unticking the boxes, followed by install.

Unfortunately, the installation of all the content isn’t automatic from this point and you’ll be asked to confirm each install – which means that you can’t just press install and leave the app to do its thing. We’re hoping the developers are working on making this more automatic. Even taking this into consideration, this is still much easier than manually searching for all your downloaded content.

Whether you’re moving from one of the current Nokia Lumias to the new Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, or moving from one Windows Phone to another, Reinstaller app is a must-have.

Have you used Reinstaller, or do you think you’ll use it when you upgrade to the new Lumia smartphones? Let us know, in the comments below.