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The standard of entries in the #NokiaCardboardChallenge was incredible. Amazing. Awesome. We were so impressed with the level of dedication, attention to detail, accuracy and sheer creativity that we’d love to be able to give each and every one of you the prize. There was much deliberation, discussion and debate over the shortlist. Those that came close but did not win were:


#NokiaCardboardChallenge entry


#NokiaCardboardChallenge entry

John Paulo

#NokiaCardboardChallenge entry


#NokiaCardboardChallenge entry

We managed finally to choose two winners. So without further ado…

Dhaval N Damar – wins a Nokia Lumia 900

This cardboard Nokia Lumia 920 not only showed great skill with the cardboard and the craft knife, but amazing creativity to have the icons pop up in such a way:

Nokia Cardboard Challenge winner
Nokia Cardboard Challenge winner

Amazing effort, well done.

Davide ILvicino Marin – Wins a Nokia 808 PureView –

Davide went the extra mile here and not only created his own cardboard Nokia Lumia, but his own Monster headphones. The details on the phone’s screen is also worth paying attention to.

cardboard Nokia and Monster headphones
#NokiaCardboardChallenge winner

There were many, many more that we’d like to be able to feature. Each and every entry took time and we loved seeing them all.

Well done to both our winners, we’ll be emailing you soon 🙂