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Memento: the app that keeps on giving

Taking photos is all about sharing experiences with others and capturing moments just for yourself.¬†Memento is a photo editing app that keeps on giving, long after you’ve purchased it.

Memento comes in two packages. The first and free version offers you four film effects to begin with, with an additional unlockable two. The second version, Memento Pro costs just £0.79 ($0.99) and starts you off with 11 film effects.

Then, here’s the nice bit, you receive a new film effect every month. Most apps don’t do that. Now, we have no idea there’s a limit of these effects or if in three years time you’ll still receive a new filter, but it’s a nice business model nonetheless. It gives you a feeling that you haven’t been forgotten but are still thought of after your initial purchase.

When it comes to using Memento, it’s really quite simple. Open the app, decide if you want to take a new photo, load a picture from your pictures hub, browse the gallery (not really useful when you first load up the app), or to click through the settings.


Memento settings

In any app like this, we feel it’s best to start off with the settings section. This is where you can set the image quality or to connect the app with your Facebook account, allowing you to share photos with your friends and family there.

As far as social integration is concerned, it’s only Facebook. Maybe the developer is working on that for future releases, but for now we’ve not got word of that – it’d be nice, though.

Now, back to the photo editing.

Navigate back to the previous screen, and select how you want to proceed. Taking a photo will do just that and loading a picture will let you choose a previously taken photograph. Either way, make sure you’ve got a photo on screen.

Memento cropping image

Memento original film effect

Memento’s image dimensions are of the square variety, so you’ll always be asked to crop the image as your first edit. It’s then onto adding filters.

Memento City of London filter effect

Memento write description

Selecting a filter with Memento is a fluid experience. You start with the original image on screen, and by rolling the image up you’re taken through the set of filters one at a time. Admittedly, if you’ve gone for the free version you’ll only have six at most to scroll through, however you can scroll through fast if you need to by just simply scrolling faster. This could prove handy several months down the line when you’re receiving more and more filters with the pro version.

When you’re happy with your newly improved photo, write in a brief description of your photo and hit the upload button to fire it off into the ether and onto your Facebook timeline.

Memento sharing on Facebook

The gallery section of Memento holds a history of all your uploaded images and also retrieves the comments and likes received on that photo from Facebook. It’s a nice little feature that lets you see how well your photos are doing from within the app itself.

Memento gallery

Memento photo with Facebook likes and comments

What do you think of Memento? Let us know in the comments list below.