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Nokia Lumia 900 unboxing

If you’re familiar with our Trial A Nokia program, you’ll know that we send Nokias out to members of our community and give them a couple of weeks to get to know it.

Brilliant experience out the box, sad thing is just as it was integrating with my lifestyle, had to give it back!

Some of those who get their hands on a trial Nokia let us know how they found the phone, sharing unboxing photos and videos, blog posts or tell us via our Twitter channel. One of these is Jassen who sent us the message above about the Nokia Lumia 900 he tried out for two weeks.

The photo at the start of the post is the beginning of the journey, a journey being taken by David Estrada. His unpacking/unboxing photos show every stage of opening the package. Once he had unpacked and set up his phone, he shared some more photos like this:

First impressions Nokia Lumia 900

Along with the photos are his first thoughts on getting his hands on the Nokia Lumia 900 and spending some time with it. Among these thoughts:

‘looks so modern, [and] feels so good in the hand’

‘the size is just perfect’

‘[the Windows Phone platform is] beautiful, bright, colorful and simple’

There’s more to read, so go check out his full thoughts and ask him any questions you might have about the Nokia Lumia 900.

What would you do to share your thoughts on a trial Nokia with your friends/family/followers? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter or on the Trial A Nokia page.