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It will be a magical moment the very first time you take your Nokia Lumia 920 out of its box. Behold, for in your hands is the most innovative smartphone.

It would be understandable if you are bursting at the seams to get started; to capture the best pictures and videos with the latest PureView camera innovation, to navigate the world more intuitively, and to experience a more personal smartphone on the Windows Phone 8 user interface. No doubt, you will do all this and much, much more.

Before you do, read the rest of this article… It will help you to appreciate, get started and let you see the potential of this super smartphone.

Booting up

When you first turn on your device, you can set your location and time zone and sign into your Windows Live account as usual. Terrific new features and content on the Lumia 920 such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, and the great new apps on the home screen take some time to install for the first time.

Therefore, the first time you turn on your device, it will take a few moments to get it up and running.  Be patient for this one-off installation before you continue. Once the Lumia 920 has completed the initial installation phase, your patience will be amply rewarded with a personal and wonderful smartphone experience.

Using your Lumia 920 at home and abroad

We are hearing more and more about 4G/LTE networks and the fast data speeds that they will provide. The Lumia 920 with its multiband 4G/LTE capability is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this.

Faster data speeds will make streaming videos, downloading files and playing online games an even better experience when you are out and about with your Lumia.  When travelling, it is recommended that you change the setting from 4G to 3G as international roaming may not yet be supported on these new generation networks. To change the network setting on the Lumia 920 from 4G to 3G, go to Settings, tap ‘Cellular’ or ‘mobile network’and ‘highest connection speed’ and choose ‘3G’.

If you are with an operator that has yet to roll out its 4G network, you will be able to enjoy the fastest available connection speeds, like 3G. With the Snapdragon S4 processor and Windows Phone 8 operating system, your Lumia 920 will be able to give you a great fast ride even when using 3G.


We talk a lot on Conversations about Nokia’s location-based apps and why we think they’re miles ahead of the competition. With Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive+, Nokia Transport and Nokia City Lens, the Nokia location services represent an amazingly comprehensive, integrated mapping experience.

The latest addition to the family, Nokia City Lens is our exclusive augmented reality that lets you see and navigate the world around you, using the camera viewfinder. Restaurants, cinemas and other places of interest will magically appear on your screen as you look around on your camera.

Another magnificent location app is Nokia Drive+, which gives you free, turn-by-turn voice guided navigation. While we are putting the final touches on Nokia Drive+, you can hit the road with the beta version. Just be sure to download the latest maps for free before you travel. Then you never have to think twice about coverage or data connectivity: Nokia Drive+ will be there for you, even if reception isn’t. Full offline support will help you save costs when travelling abroad too.

Not only can you use Nokia Drive+ when your Lumia 920 is offline, but you can also get the speed limit warnings even after the active navigation has finished. Alternatively, if you don’t want to receive the warnings anymore, just press the back key to exit the application.


One of the standout features on the Lumia 920 is the PureView camera technology with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and Carl Zeiss optics.

This will allow you to take pictures and videos that are detailed, bright and less blurry, even in low light conditions and even with shaky hands.

Another key benefit of optical image stabilisation is that it will help you to shoot steady videos even when your hand is shaking or you are moving fast.

As video recordings can result in very large files, it is recommended that you upload the videos to your SkyDrive account so that they can be easily accessed on different devices, such as your laptop or PC. Keeping your videos short also makes it quicker to transfer them out of your phone!

Using different Lenses will also provide you with new ways of exploring your photographic creativity. For example, Nokia Smart Shoot enables you to take multiple photos with a single click so that you can edit effortlessly to make the perfect picture. Meanwhile, Cinemagraph lets you create pictures with movement. This makes taking pictures even more fun!

Wireless and other experiences

The Nokia Lumia 920 is at the forefront of a wireless charging movement that will soon make it much more convenient to keep your phone powered up even when you are on the move.

With wireless charging integrated into the gorgeous handset, you can just lay your Lumia on a colourful charging plate or Fatboy Pillow to keep it charged up.

There are also other accessories such as the JBL PowerUp speaker that will charge your Lumia 920 wirelessly while playing your music.

With this short introduction to the world of the most innovative smartphone, we invite you to enjoy your Lumia 920! Savour the whole experience!

For more tips and tricks, take a look at the product support pages.