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Nokia 808 Pureview

What do you do when you have the Nokia 808 PureView on trial and you’re in a band made up of ‘soon-to-be engineers’? Well, you do exactly what HumanWires have done, and showcase your latest tune using the audio recording capabilities of the phone, showing it’s not all about the awesome photos you can take with the 808 PureView.

Firstly, they recorded each of the instruments separately using the 808 PureView in the garage where they practice and then stitched them together to make a complete video (including a comparison to the studio version):

Turned out pretty well, I think you’ll agree. Next they decided to go all out and record the entire band at once. As they say in their description of the video –

‘We think the phone handled all the sounds pretty well. We didn’t hear any distortion in the original audio track and all the instruments can be distinguished from each other’

What do you think?

What do you think of the band? For more of their music, there’s a Soundcloud or Facebook page. There’s lots of sound to go at here to make an informed decision as to how you think the phone performed, so let us know in the comments, or (as ever) on Twitter.