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Nokia Lumia 900 at dawn

Sparky has been spending some time with the Nokia Lumia 900 (he took the #MyLumiaMoments pic above at dawn – look at the trees ‘on fire’) and it’s fair to say he’s a fan.

I saw his tweet first:

‘after trialling [the] #lumia900, I don’t ever want to leave the #lumia world. #switch as soon as I can.’

I then scooted to his thoughts on the phone, to see just what has got him so enthralled. Everything, it turns out. From the ‘great “pillow” design’ (which feels good to him even though it is glossy), to the fact that he no longer has to wait for a response from the Windows Phone OS (a frustration he has been experiencing with his current phone).

He’s also a fan of the camera, the fact that it’s a ‘quick shooter’ and he doesn’t have to worry about taking photos in low light conditions

‘something almost impossible on my Blackberry’

We caught up with Sparky, to ask him a few questions about the whole experience…

How was it that you discovered our Trial a Nokia programme?

I discovered the Lumia trial by accident, while on the conversations website after clicking through a link on Twitter.

On a daily basis, how does the Lumia compare to your current phone?

On a daily basis I find the phone just helps my day by being quicker. Compared to my Blackberry I can access information and messages just that much quicker. One of the biggest changes to my daily life has been Mix Radio replacing my Walkman to give me fresh music every day. It’s been a very useful feature.

You mentioned that if you #SwitchToLumia you’ll be able to be more creative every day. What do you have in mind and how will the Lumia help with it?

The general thing I’ve found with my Lumia is I can take ad-hoc shots. My photography falls into two types; planned with my DSLR or quick snaps with my mobile. My mobile has been suffering though, as my Blackberry is too slow to take ad-hoc images. My biggest problem is once I press the button it can take up to a minute before it actually shows me what it’s taken. The Lumia doesn’t do that, it just shoots, and then I’m ready to move on.

What have been the highlights of your trial so far, have you turned many heads or photographed a funny moment?

I did manage to turn quite a few heads the first time I used City Lens while going to a new station on foot. Along with Nokia Maps, I found it easily, but thought I’d give it a go and see what it came up with. The passengers on the bus were just as curious of why I was holding my phone like that, while it was raining!

After having my Lumia for two weeks, I’m not looking forward to using my Blackberry again, but hopefully within a couple of weeks, I’ll have the Lumia 920!

Thanks for talking to us Sparky!

What’s your #SwitchToLumia story, have you already made the jump, if so, what did you come from? Or are you still thinking about it? If you are, let us know in the comments section or on Twitter.