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The ESPN Hub is one of the many unique and exclusive apps that has won Lumia fans over. It’s easy to see why – not only is ESPN the most trusted source for sports scores and news, the ESPN Hub app takes this to a new level with personalization so you get scores of your favorite teams, news and videos of the day, all in one powerful application. The new ESPN Hub app is all about you, it’s personalized.

When you load up the new version for the first time, you’ll see a new icon in the upper left corner. Touch that button and you’ll see the “Sideline” pop out – an all new personalized menu that provides quick navigation to your favorite sports and teams.  Just set your favorites and away you go.

For my sports, I added NCAA Football, NBA and NFL Football, because these are of most interest to me.  Also, I’ve added my favorite teams so I can keep an eye on them in the ESPN Hub app.

As far as the sports you can choose, the options include the big global sports: basketball, baseball, football, hockey, auto racing, golf, soccer, cricket and rugby. Among the teams you can select are those from basketball, baseball, football, hockey and soccer. Inside each team category – you can select from pro and college leagues, depending on the sport.

Once you’ve chosen your team from the Sideline menu (in my case, it’s the Oregon State Beavers), the app will take you to the team panorama and you can see a plethora of insightful stuff including:

  • scores
  • top news
  • videos
  • team leaders
  • team roster

As another added feature into the ESPN Hub app, you can deep pin your favorite team to your start screen and even set alerts for each team.  Oh, you can also pin your favorite leagues too.  Click on the pinned tile and get direct access to your team or league with the latest news and scores straight from your start screen.   

ESPN Score

  ESPN Scoreboard

Another cool feature is that once you personalize the app, the main app tile will rotate with scores from your favorites teams on the day they are playing.

The new ESPN Hub update brings you the teams and sports you care about the most. It’s a personalized version of ESPN, right in your pocket. Exclusively on Nokia Lumia.

What’s the first team you’re adding to your new ESPN Hub?

Note: The app update includes many new features and functionality including personalization, added content and detailed team panoramas.  To ensure you get the most out of the personalization feature, please unpin your previous home screen ESPN Hub tile icon and re-pin once the update is completed.